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Who we are

At Audens Food we have
50 years of experience in the frozen food market.

Leaders and benchmarks in the production of snacks and ready-to-eat meals

We are the largest manufacturer in Spain of frozen croquettes, cannelloni, lasagna, breaded chicken and nuggets.

Our solid knowledge of the market allows us to innovate and adapt to new trends in order to offer our customers the tastiest and most enjoyable solutions possible, balanced and based on traditional cuisine.

audens Group

A group committed to the good
Audens Group
Grupo Audens is made up of nearly 900 people engaged in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of frozen ready meals for the Horeca, Foodservice and Modern Food channels.

Group companies

Its origin dates back to 1975, under the name of Prielá. Its activity is the manufacture and commercialization of snacks and frozen ready meals.

Dedicated to the manufacture of part of the products marketed by the group since 2010. It began its activity in 1974 as a manufacturer of precooked fish and pies through the Frinca brand.

Founded in 1985 and became part of the Audens Group in March 2018. Its main activity is the manufacture and commercialization of frozen products typical of Portuguese gastronomy. Its best known commercial brand is Cozinha Pronta.

Get to know our history

COCINA2 creation in Sta. Coloma
Incorporation of Ibergel in Zamora and Freixanet Planas in St. Fruitós (1975).
Foundation of the company Prielá in Granollers
Start of activity at Eurofrozen in Almada, Portugal
Freixanet Planas is renamed Alimentos Freisa
Creation of Precooked Deli in Balsareny
Freisa acquires Ibergel and merges into Freigel
Foundation of Catalonia Cold in Parets del Vallés
Creation of Grupo Prielá whose members are Prielá, Prec. Deli and Catalonia Cold
Prielá changes to Audens Food. Grupo Prielá becomes Audens Solutions and acquires Freigel.
Audens Solutions acquires Eurofrozen and renames itself Audens Group
At Audens Group we work to be a benchmark in the food market by ensuring the health and well-being of people.

Within the framework of a sustainable agri-food chain, we want to guarantee the origin of the raw material, the excellence in the manufacturing process and the optimization of the distribution channel.

We focus on the Iberian market for the hotel and catering industry and the home, with the will to expand our presence in international markets.
To provide our customers with healthier and more balanced food solutions, in accordance with market trends, providing a high dose of cuisine with the usual "chup-chup".
Continuous improvement

We seek excellence in products, processes and organization. We create a favorable climate for experimentation, creativity and change.


Through our behaviors we achieve relationships based on honesty, respect and transparency.


We work to satisfy and add value to our environment: consumers, customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society.


We are identified with what we do and we do it with illusion, intensity and enthusiasm.


Our commitment is to achieve a sustainable agri-food chain, based on total quality, food safety and social responsibility.









Audens Agro

Through our suppliers, we seek to be specialists in each of the strategic raw materials for the group.
We practice proximity consumption and control of raw materials, increasing their food safety.
We achieve stability in purchase prices avoiding speculation.
We learn from the know-how / R&D of our suppliers.


Where do we cook it all?

Present throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

All our plants in Spain are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IFS certified. In addition, our Roales plant is BRCGS certified and our plant in Almada, Portugal, is ISO-9001 and IFS certified.


Croquettes, Cannelloni and Lasagna, Bombas, Cheeses


Bread Roots

Meat, Cheeses, Seafood Tapas, Pasties, Vegetables



Croquettes, Cheeses, Fritters



Pizza bases.



Portuguese gastronomy dishes


Our brands

Our brands Our brands Our brands Our brands Our brands Our brands