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Environmental policy

The Audens Group, aware that the continuous improvement of environmental aspects is basic in the development of its scope as design, manufacture, storage and dispatch of deep-frozen ready meals, establishes the following principles as the core of its environmental policy:

- Comply with applicable legislation, as well as other requirements to which the group subscribes.

- To sensitize and make all suppliers, collaborators, workers and customers aware of the importance of the environment.

- To provide the necessary training and information to encourage the participation in environmental matters of all the people who supply, collaborate and work for the company.

- To contribute among all to the protection of the environment, to the improvement of our environmental behavior and to prevent pollution, reducing the environmental impact that we can produce.

- Establish objectives and goals to reduce the waste we generate, atmospheric emissions, noise, spills and consumption of natural resources and materials, without affecting the quality of our product and correct customer service.

- Commitment to sustainability at social, environmental and production levels.

- Promoting product recycling.

The Chief Executive Officer,

March 2023