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Quality and food safety policy

At Audens Group, food safety is a priority. For this reason we have established the following commitments:

- To manufacture food that is safe from a sanitary point of view, maintaining and improving the self-controls implemented, based on the principles of hazard analysis and critical control points. As a food industry, we have the duty to comply always and at all times with this responsibility. The health of our customers is non-negotiable and must be our top priority.

- To produce food that looks, tastes and tastes good and is nutritionally balanced.

- Comply with quality, authenticity, food safety and legality requirements.

- To limit, whenever possible, allergenic components in the composition of our products.

- Commitment to implement a simple, clear and transparent labeling and consumer information policy.

- Promote and raise awareness of food safety culture and continuous improvement in our processes and products, ensuring the necessary resources to achieve our commitments.

The Chief Executive Officer,

March 2024