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Tuna and Piquillo Tuna Croquette with Piquillos Compote


Tuna and Piquillo Pepper Croquettes Prielá / Frinca 3 u
Piquillo bell pepper 2 u
Sugar 15 g
Beer 35 g
Garlic 1/4 u
Vegetable chips  



- Prepare the piquillo compote: brown the garlic and add a piquillo bell pepper in julienne strips.


- Add the sugar and beer and cook until the liquid evaporates.


- Fry the Frinca / Prielá Tuna and Piquillo Peppers croquettes.


- Arrange the piquillo compote on the base of the plate. Place the croquettes on top.


- Decorate with the vegetable chips and the other piquillo bell pepper cut into thin strips.